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Bridge Suites

Bridge Suites

heeco manufactures custom-made bridge suites for marine vessels. This could be anything from small commercial, to oil tankers, to warships. Flexibility is our word.

  • Built to commercial marine or MoD shock rated specifications
  • All fabrication, painting, electrical assembly and testing are carried out at our Hull works
  • Enclosures can be made in mild, stainless steel or aluminium alloy construction
  • Wide range of paint colours and textured finishes available
  • Navigation aids, propulsion control and IPMS systems can be provided and installed
  • Console mounted equipment can be factory wired to terminal strips or plug and socket connectors to save on-ship wiring time
  • Installation and setting to work options available

We are specialists in designing Machinery Control Room and Bridge Control Consoles and Enclosures for the Marine Industrial, Renewable and Offshore Markets.

We offer various levels of design for our consoles:

  • Design of console fully fitted and wired with equipment supplied by heeco.
  • Design of console fully fitted with equipment provided by the client
  • Design of console enclosure

We have experience of designing machinery control room (MCR) consoles for small workboats through to large industrial units and cruise liners such as the Queen Mary II.

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