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Cherry Sand Electrical Upgrade from DC to AC

heeco have completed a 4 month project on the Cherry Sand to change the electrical supply from DC to AC. The work included removing existing switchgear and the design, manufacture and supply of new switchboards and control consoles.

We also introduced a power management system for the generators to enable automatic operations. This allows operators to control the other vessel systems with the knowledge that any load deviations will be catered for by the switchboard PMS.

heeco also designed and manufactured new control consoles for the quiet room which had heeco supplied machinery alarm system incorporated.

As the ship was first built in 1968, there were restrictions with the size of compartments to install new equipment. We designed and manufactured all metalwork in house to ensure it fitted within the small confines of the ship.

The Cherry Sand is a self propelled grab hopper dredger and was built in 1968. heeco have been involved with various upgrades since it was first launched.

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