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Heeco invests in new equipment for its marine coating department

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In the heeco facilities, electrical control consoles and switchboards for the maritime industry are created from the point of design. Not only does our team of electrical engineers design the bespoke control systems, we also complete each step up to and including installation and testing. Fabrication, coating, electrical assembly, testing and installation are all key steps we complete in order to deliver our products to the quality standards required by the marine and offshore markets.

Coating is one of the essential steps for delivering a completed cabinet, not only for appearances but also for durability to withstand the harsh marine environment. This can include zinc phosphate etch priming when required.

The coating process at Heeco has recently received £150,000 of investment by way of a new pretreatment line and spray booth which help ensure the best possible finish.

Coupled with the Lean training program, which has included the coating department, key improvements to safety, production flow, storage and energy efficiency have been effectively put into place.

The process begins before the panel is coated, when it is dipped in an Ion Phosphate solution to degrease and protect the metal, shown in the images below.

IMG_2095 IMG_2096

Further lean improvements from the shop floor have included the design and manufacture of a lid for the pretreatment tank, which maintains the tanks temperature overnight, saving energy to preheat every morning and reducing start up times.

After being primed, the consoles and panels are transported safely via an overhead transport system to the coating area for spraying.

IMG_2100  IMG_2102

Once finished and cooled, they are stored in a racking system, again subject to a lean project, that is organised by panel size and job. This ensures that all coated materials are stored carefully to avoid any potential damages from occurring.

IMG_2105 IMG_2106

The recent improvements to the console and panel coating process at heeco have seen increased productivity, less waste and a further guarantee of high quality finishing of heeco projects.

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