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New oil finds; renewable energy boom: North Sea is still going strong

By 31st October 2017 News No Comments

The North Sea is set to be a healthy and profitable source of energy for many decades to come.

It is estimated that up to 20bn barrels of oil and gas could still be recovered from beneath the waters off the coast of Britain from known sources. Meanwhile, the recent discovery of oil in the Verbier sidetrack well, in the outer Moray Firth, is estimated to contain anywhere from 25m to 130m barrels of oil.

It’s great news for the North Sea region in the short-medium term; it will provide contracts and business for dozens of companies and additional employment for years to come.

It cannot be relied on for the long term, though, and it is in renewable energy that we know the future remains.

Key offshore industry centres, such as our very own Humberside, as well as the east coast of Scotland are currently focusing on reinventing itself as a world centre for offshore renewable energy generation. It won’t be the first time the region has had to reinvent itself: Aberdeen Harbour was established in 1136, so it’s safe to say it’s adapted and changed over the centuries!

Renewable energy is producing new challenges for the engineering industry, but it’s one that those with the longest heritages are in a perfect position to meet.

heeco is internationally recognised for electrical system design, manufacturing and installation in the marine industry. It provides full electrical solutions, including the design, manufacture and installation of switchboard and switchgear, motor control centres, control consoles and bespoke electrical components.

heeco also designs, manufactures and installs electrical equipment for renewable energy generation. The company has worked on several projects including tidal power, wind turbines and wave power generation. We have also provided control panel to the onshore nuclear sector.

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